Our swimwear pieces not only look good but do good too!  
Our Fabrics  
The lycra we use in all of our collections is made from 100% regenerated pre and post-consumer waste, including discarded fishing nets, carpet, clothing and fabric scraps.    

These pieces of waste are monofilament ghostnets in our oceans, meaning that in the water they are invisible, making it easy for fish, turtles and other marine life to get stuck.    

Thanks to this regeneration process, the waste that was once destined to wreak havoc on our marine life is now turned into high quality lycra, allowing us to create truly sustainable swimwear.      

We know what you’re thinking… recycled = poor quality. Not a chance! Our lycra resists fabric breakdown more than five times longer than your average chlorine resistant spandex. It also provides ultimate shape retention and is UPF 50+ sun protectant, meaning you’ll be rocking your AR kinis for many more summers to come.    

Our Packaging  
When purchasing an Abby Rose piece, you can rest easy knowing you’re not only investing in sustainable swimwear but also environmentally friendly packaging.     All of our online orders are shipped in a comPOST pack. Made from corn starch and non-toxic resin, these babies are 100% biodegradable and compostable.    

All you need to do is remove the shipping label and pop it straight in your home compost system, worm farm or green waste bin.

As long-time ocean lovers, the conscious choice to use recycled and sustainable materials in all of our collections was an easy one. While there is much to be done to protect the earth, we’re playing our part in preserving our beautiful oceans for our children, and our children’s children.    

So next time you purchase an AR piece, know we’ve got your good karma covered for the day x